Our goal is to develop a unique, constructive, and strategic approach to handling estate matters.

Estate Planning & Probate Adminstration

Our goal is to identify your needs and help develop a constructive, strategic approach to handling your estate. We will help you prepare (or amend) legal documents to ensure that every legal instrument conveys your wishes accurately, in a way that also minimizes tax consequences and creditor claims on your estate.

Whether a person had a will or not, we assist in navigating whether to open an estate, preparing and filing the appropriate documents, administering estate assets, selling property or whatever other needs may arise related to an estate of a deceased person.

Simple Estate Plan Packages:

A simple estate plan for an individual includes the following:

- Last Will and Testament

- Durable Power of Attorney

 - Advance Healthcare Directive (Living Will)

Total Fee: $500

A simple estate plan for a couple or closely related family members includes the following:

- Last Will and Testament (2)

- Durable Power of Attorney (2)

- Advance Healthcare Directive (Living Will) (2)

Total Fee: $750

* We handle more complex estate planning matters on a case by case basis. 


Uncontested Probate Administration Packages:

When a person dies without a will, his or her estate may need to be probated so that their assets can be distributed amongst their heirs in a process known as probate administration. 

We offer probate administration services for uncontested estates (meaning none of the surviving heirs dispute how the estate will be distributed) on a standard flat fee basis for both individuals who died with or without a will. 

Our probate administration services for an uncontested estate involving a person who died intestate (without a will) or testate (with a will) include the following:

- drafting and filing a petition for letters of administration OR letters of testamentary with required attachments (filing fees included);

- obtaining a surety bond for the value of the estate IF required (bond fees included);

- drafting and filing an inventory of decedent’s estate;

- drafting and mailing a notice of probate form to Medicaid;

- drafting and filing an affidavit stating a notice of probate form was mailed to Medicaid;

- assisting the estate's Personal Representative/Executor with conveying the assets of the estate in accordance with state intestacy laws, by consent, or in accordance with will; 

- drafting and filing a petition for settlement by consent with required attachments; and

- attending all required court settings with Personal Representative/Executor to open, administer, and close estate.

Total Fee: $2,500


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