We will work hard to protect your interests if you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident or were the victim of any other form of negligence.  

Personal Injury

We offer legal services for personal injury cases on a contingency-fee basis, meaning that we only get paid if we are successful in securing compensation for you and your family. How we are able to do this is by receiving a portion of your settlement or court award to cover the costs of our rendered services. We believe in minimizing our clients’ financial risk so that they can move forward in the pursuit of justice. 


We handle the following cases:

- Car Accidents


- Trucking Accidents


- Medical Malpractice 


- Traumatic Brain Injuries


- Wrongful Death


The information provided on this website is solely for general information purposes. It should not be construed as a communication of legal advice or opinion. Further, this information is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. Last, success stories are based on real cases. However, each case is different, and past successes do not guarantee that all cases will have a similar result.

Licensed Attorney in Good Standing with the Alabama State Bar.



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