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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if my problem is a legal problem?
    You might not know whether your problem is a legal problem, and that’s okay. By contacting EMW LAW, LLC, you can talk with an attorney to discuss whether your problem is a legal problem during a free consultation.
  • What is a flat fee model for legal services?
    Imagine going to the local coffee shop and ordering a caramel macchiato. Instead of charging you after you've placed your order, you're only charged after the barista has made your drink and handed it to you. Sometimes that drink is $7 and sometimes it's $15. The cost depends on how long it took for the barista to make your drink. Less efficient baristas and inefficient processes make the coffee shop more money. Would you go to that coffee shop? Attorneys who bill by the hour use this same logic. Just like you want to know the cost to buy your favorite cup of coffee at the time of purchase, legal services should also have a known price. That's where flat fees come in. Flat fees are set up front so that you know exactly how much your legal fees will be at the time you hire an attorney. As a matter of fact, our flat fee services are listed right on our website.
  • Can your firm handle all of my legal issues?
    While our firm can handle many of your legal needs, we may refer you to an attorney outside of the firm if your legal problem may be better addressed by another law firm. EMW LAW currently represents clients in the following practice areas: personal injury, estate planning and probate, and trademark registrations.
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