When you’re faced with a criminal charge, we will fight for your rights and work hard to achieve the best outcome in your case.

Criminal Defense

Fighting Serious Criminal Charges in Alabama

Regardless of the charges you are facing, being in any type of trouble with the law can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. The first thing to remember when you are arrested or being questioned by law enforcement is that you do not have to answer any questions without a lawyer present.

You should take aggressive action and get powerful legal guidance by your side. To ensure that you receive the highest quality, aggressive legal defense, you should contact our firm and discuss your case with our team.

It is our mission to ensure that you are kept updated throughout the entire criminal defense process so you fully understand what is going on.

The types of criminal cases we take on include:

- Assault & Battery

- Drug Crimes


- Forfeitures & Condemnations


- Juvenile Crimes

- Theft Crimes

- White Collar Crimes


- Violent Crimes


- Post-Conviction Relief


- Pardons & Paroles


- ​​​Traffic Violations


- Misdemeanors


- Federal Crimes

If you or someone you care about have recently been arrested or charged with a crime, time is of the essence. The sooner you hire a Birmingham criminal defense attorney to represent you, the better. A knowledgeable lawyer can start building a defense strategy on your behalf. We would like to offer you a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your case


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